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Outlook Extraction Tools : What's New

If you found a bug please do not hesitate contact with Technical Support

2.4.207 - 18 April 2017

  • Added Updater Tool to check for updates and inform the user of their presence and offer to download and install them.
  • Added possibility to renew a license from the application.
  • Updated BugTrap library
  • Updated Help files and paths

2.3.196 - 5 January 2017

  • Log parameter for the command prompt has been replaced with checkbox at the start screen
  • Crash in the Outlook Emails Extractor

2.2.180 - 4 October 2016

  • Universal 32/64 bit installer
  • Now 64-bit edition can work with 32-bit Outlook
  • Additional command line parameter /Log[="log filename"] for log process. If log file name not specified "Protocol.log" filename used.
  • Additional command line parameter /Silence suppresses error messages. It is useful when using the system scheduler.

2.1.128 - 12 September 2016

  • New project file format
  • Optimize loading message
  • Incorrect enumeration of Public folders
  • 'Process only new messages' option not worked at all

2.0.90 - 29 August 2016

  • 64-bit edition for 64-bit Outlook
  • New MIME parsing engine

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