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Jun 8, 2022
High Speed Verifier - New version!

High Speed Verifier get a new version... more
Jun 8, 2022
Mailing List Wizard - New version!

Mailing List Wizard major update 4.4... more
Jun 3, 2022
EmEx 3.20 New version

A new version 3.20.2185 has been released.... more
Jun 8, 2021
EmEx 3.19 New version

Maintenance update 3.19.2176 has been released.... more
May 26, 2021
EmEx 3.19 New version

New version 3.19.2174 has been released.... more

Welcome to EMMA Labs. Solutions for Email Marketing.

EmEx 3 3.20.2188 | 3 October 2023
EmEx 3 is a successor of Advanced Email Extractor. Designed to extract email addresses, phone numbers, ICQ UINs and other data from web pages on the Internet and from HTML and text files on the local disks.
High Speed Verifier 3.6.461 | 8 June 2022
High Speed Verifier is a high-speed software designed to check e-mail address for existence. It's capable of checking thousands of addresses per second.
Mailing List Wizard 4.4.426 | 8 June 2022
Mailing List Wizard is designed to help you with processing and converting your mailing lists. MLW is a single software product that combines functions of several programs for mailing list processing
Outlook Extractors 1.6.312 | 6 March 2021
Outlook Extractors designed to extract attachments, email addresses and messages from Microsoft Outlook folders and store them to disk.
IMAP Extractors 1.7.252 | 7 March 2021
IMAP Extractors designed to extract email attachments, email addresses and email messages from IMAP4 folders and store them to disk.
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