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Email address syntax correction with MLW

This action corrects wrong e-mail address in a source file using unique algorithms. Action result example:

SRC 11: jpiracy@adobe.comjB
NEW 11:
SRC 467: "Mr. Potter" <">
NEW 467: "Mr. Potter" <>
SRC 724: "martyb" <>
NEW 724: "martyb" <>
SRC 743:,
NEW 743:
SRC 772: krodim@hotmail.comt
NEW 772:
SRC 1263: "" <//>
NEW 1263: "" <>
SRC 2267: "Laurent Clevy" <[ADF_FAQ]>
NEW 2267: "Laurent Clevy" <>
SRC 2480: "" <>
NEW 2480: "" <>
SRC 3955: "" <,>
NEW 3955: "" <>
SRC 4083:
NEW 4083:
SRC 4229: (
NEW 4229:
SRC 11832: "Daniel Stenberg" <>
NEW 11832: "Daniel Stenberg" <>
SRC 13550: "" <Lena%20Games>
NEW 13550: "Lena Games" <>
SRC 19699:
NEW 19699:
SRC 19846: "JAMM <>" <JAMM%20<>>
NEW 19846: "JAMM <>" <>

We achieved 100% error correction in real text address lists we had. However, we suppose MLW to restore 95% of theoretically restorable addresses. Addresses are often written in exotic ways, e.g. (my)*(email)!(com) for spam-protection purposes. Intellect of our software cannot match human fantasy so far.

No correct address can be damaged by this action: MLW only attempts to correct incorrect addresses. The list of processed addresses is stored in the log as shown above. Each line starts with the three-letter code (SRC - source address; NEW - corrected address; INV - invalid address, recovery failed), followed by the address line number, colon, and the address proper.

Syntax correction settings

The Wizard will also offer you the following options:

  • Remove ?subject= from addresses. Nominally, providing message subject together with e-mail address is quite allowable, but in most mailing lists this is unnecessary.
  • Add mailbox (user-defined) to domains with no mailbox. Some addresses in a list may be absolutely unrecoverable, e.g.:
    NetSoap <>
    Jane Smith <>
    Sergio <>

    MLW cannot detect a mailbox if it is not contained in an address. If this option is disabled, all addresses of the kind will be considered invalid. If the option is enabled and a mailbox is defined (e.g. "info"), the addresses will be restored as follows:

    NetSoap <>
    Jane Smith <>
    Sergio <>
  • Remove user-defined substring. MLW will attempt to remove the defined substring from all addresses in the list, both correct and incorrect ones (prior to the restore procedure). The string is case-sensitive (if you set it to "REMOVEIT", the substring "RemoveIt" won't be removed). The substring is searched for throughout the entire address line, including address owner name, if any.
  • Recovery emails by known domains list. If this option is enabled, MLW will recovery emails without first-level domain like mike@hotmail, jane@aol to and You can add any number of domains to domains list.
  • Remove known 'REMOVEIT' substrings. This option may affect on valid emails. Addresses like and are syntactically correct and may exist. If this option is on, MLW will try to recovery such emails to and
  • Verify emails by first-level domains list. It is the simple check procedure, it compare the first-level domain (e.g., '.com' for with all domains in list. But it helpful to remove 'antispam jokes' in mailing lists, like hahaha@dont.spam, someone@invalid.address and so on. To quality emails verifing we recommend Advanced Maillist Verify.
  • Remove unrestored addresses. If the option is disabled, an address which recovery failed would be written in the destination file unchanged.

The action upon a list of one million addresses takes 5 to 60 second on a machine with Intel Pentium III 933 MHz depending on the number of incorrect addresses in the list and on the recovery difficulty.

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