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Exclude emails from list with MLW

Despite the address syntax is different, both addresses will be excluded from the source file (more exactly, they won't be saved in a destination file). The list of excluded addresses in the log has the following format:

INV 1049605: "WHAT?" <WHAT>
DUP 1051097:
DUP 1051098: "Kristoff Batizy" <>
DUP 1051099:
DUP 1051100: "to Postmaster" <>
Loading the exclude file 'D:\exclude-list.txt'
EXC 10:
EXC 17:
EXC 18:

Each line starts with the three-letter code (DUP - duplicated address; INV - invalid address; EXC - excluded because contained in the exclude file), followed by the line number, colon, and the address proper.

MLW doesn't attempt to correct address syntax during this action, so we recommend that you run address syntax correction procedure first.

The action upon a list with one million addresses will take about 20-40 seconds on a machine with Intel Pentium III 933 MHz processor.

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