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Remove duplicated emails with MLW

This action removes duplicated and wrong addresses. The list of removed addresses is displayed in the log in the following format:

DUP 6744: <>
INV 6955: "E-mail the
DUP 7126:
DUP 7229:
DUP 7241: "Send comments" <>

Each line starts with three-letter code (DUP - duplicated address; INV - wrong address), followed by the line number, colon, and the address proper.

Duplicated emails are emails with the same address:

John Smith <>
JSM <>

are duplicated.

MLW doesn't attempt to correct address syntax during this action, so we recommend that you run address syntax correction procedure first.

The action upon a list with one million addresses will take about 20-40 seconds on a machine with Intel Pentium III 933 MHz processor.

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