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The website I am scanning at home and from work shows different information. Why?
Some websites change their interface depending on which IP address you have. As a rule it is used  to show different information for users from different countries. One of the search engines, Google, is a vivid example of this. It automatically identifies the user's country by the IP address and forms a page with search results depending this information.    

One of the ways to see the website as a user from a certain country is to use a proxy server. Being in another country, the proxy server forms its own request and then transfers the information to you. So the website thinks you are located in another country.

More intelligent websites can identify whether a request is from an “honest” proxy server, which informs who is the recipient of the information. But there are also anonymous proxy servers which hide the client's information from the website. So an anonymous proxy server is the most effective way to see your request under a user from another country.    

EmEx 3 supports work with proxy servers.

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