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I've encountered a slow website and the speed has considerably decreased

Using the distributed scanning mechanism you can get maximum EmEx 3 performance.

The essence of this mechanism is in its ability to process the queue by domains, not in order. This means that EmEx 3 downloads the link from the next domain if the current domain is already being processed.

Example: there is a slow website A and a rapid website B. In the queue the links from the website A are first and they are numerous. This means that using a linear scanning algorithm we won't process the slow website A completely and thus won't move to the quick website B.

Using the distributed scanning mechanism EmEx will work with links from both websites, and you will be able to indicate their link shares. So while processing one ink from the website A EmEx 3 will also have time for processing three or four links from the website B.

You can activate the distributed scanning mechanism in EmEx 3 options.

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